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9th September 2014

Press Pack

Music journalists are needed now more than ever before... The industry is commercialised and controlled but parts are also fiercely independent and innovative. Journalism has these same frustrations of mainstream media access alongside the social media opportunities freely available.

Whilst these tensions play out where are the audiences? What is writing about music adding to the mix? Who is reading? How can your work encourage new audiences, informed audiences and promote the best in music?

Press Pack is Creator College's second free masterclasss series for journalists to launch and enhance their careers. Each night has a surprise guest from the music industry to research and interview. The Creator College coaching staff are joined by a professional journalist and specialist music researchers from Hull Libraries to make sure you have access to all the skills you need. You will get insights into quick brilliant interviewing not taught anywhere else. Your copy will be read and advised on so you can match the pro's every step of the way.

How do you connect with readers – again new insights will help you. And how do you research music anyway? How do you know what influences who? What can you do with that knowledge so your readers and watchers and listeners love you! Ideal for all media specialists – writing, video and photography. And could this be another angle to your career as a musician? After all you are where the action is...

Creator College, Queen Victoria Square, Hull HU1 3SS. Each Tuesday in August and first two in September. (6pm till 9pm) then onto Live at the Sesh for working afterparty. Aug 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th and September 2nd, 9th

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